Our mission

Through our proactive and transparent approach, we promote and defend the interests of beverage alcohol representative agencies by influencing and educating stakeholders on business issues that impact the Quebec market.

Our values

This is the title

We use our collective experience and expertise to influence with courage and determination. Because as a team, we bring together long-standing experience, a memory. But also because of the diversity of our members, we have a very strong know-how.
We represent the interests of our members with fairness and inclusiveness. The key to every issue we advocate for is fairness. Fairness is everywhere in everything we do. Fairness is natural justice and impartiality.
We are honest and transparent. A3 defends the interests of advocacy agencies with courage and determination. It is through integrity that we can make a difference.
Information sharing and communication are at the heart of our interactions with our members. We communicate to feed our members and our members feed us through their exchanges and information sharing. All this collaboration is what makes us strong and united.
We act with conviction and enthusiasm. These values are inherent in our industry, through the products we share, through our love for our industry, as agents. No one can say otherwise, our industry is passionate! Within the association, there is no room for indifference. In everything we do, it is passion that drives us. We continue to believe in our positions, we stand our ground, with conviction and passion!

Permanent team

Catherine Lessard


Board of Directors 2023-2024