Member Benefits

  • Representation of the collective interests of member agencies;
  • Regular liaison with SAQ stakeholders;
  • Consultation, information and continuous communication on developments and progress of ongoing files;
  • Active participation in A3 Quebec's orientations through general meetings, committees and working groups;
  • Visibility and business development opportunities through A3 Quebec events.

Services offered to A3 Quebec members

A3 Quebec is the strong and united voice of representation agencies. We work closely with stakeholders to defend the interests of our members by:
  • Highlighting the work of agents;
  • Our positive and constructive leadership;
  • Taking clear and measured positions;
  • Information sharing, collaborating, and exchanging with and between our members.

Members actively participate in the direction of A3 Quebec through the Board of Directors, general meetings, committees, and brainstorm sessions on current and emerging industry issues.

Members have the opportunity to network and exchange ideas at annual meetings, committees or brainstorm sessions open to agent members.

Information sharing and communication are at the heart of our interactions with our members. A3 Quebec offers its members:
  • Information sharing on a formal and informal basis on current issues with the SAQ;
  • The publication of a weekly industry press review;
  • The transmission of various offers useful to the development and visibility of agencies;
  • A support and consulting service, if needed;
  • Training sessions reserved exclusively for its members to ensure the best collaboration with their suppliers, the SAQ and consumers.
A3 Quebec offers its members a visibility service including:
  • The publication of the members' directory on the A3 Quebec website.
  • Promotion of agencies as members of A3 Quebec to the SAQ, members of the trade press, potential suppliers, between different professions, etc.
  • The organization of events reserved exclusively for its members so that they can promote their products to different audiences. Among others, La Grande Dégustation de Montréal, an annual event of international renown that represents the largest wine event in Eastern Canada, dedicated to the promotion of the wine industry.

Membership Categories and Annual Fees



Any SAQ-recognized agency, incorporated and active in the wine, beer and spirits industry with annual retail sales of $250,000 or more.

Annual fee based on retail sales:

250,000 to $5M $1,135.00
Between $5M and $25M $1,315.00
Between 25M and $50M $1,435.00
Between $50M and $100M $1,785.00
Between $100M and $200M $2,505.00
200M and more $2,975.00



Any person, individual or company working in a field related or complementary to the representation agencies.

One-time annual fee: $1,135.00

Acceptance of application: Any applicant who meets the above mentioned membership criteria and who complies with the A3 Quebec Code of Ethics and Bylaws (available upon request) will be accepted.